Partnerships are the core of Digital Partnerships & Strategies. This includes partnerships that leverage expertise and systems for creating new publications, OER, and digital scholarship, as well as that draw on the team’s deep expertise in collaboration, publishing, copyright, and more.

Selected partnerships include:

  • !Celebrating Cuba!
    • Digital Collections and Collaborative Partnerships:
      • UF expanded its historical collaboration with Cuban institutions by signing an agreement with the Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba José Martí (BNJM) to create broad and deep open access to digital collections that celebrate Cuban patrimony. Under the 2016 agreement, UF and BNJM identified major projects for the development and exchange of digital content from and about Cuba. UF’s Smathers Libraries coordinate partnerships with U.S. and Canadian institutions for digitization of maps, legal materials, and monographs, as well as journals and newspapers, in consultation and cooperation with BNJM. BNJM serves as advisor to each project and contributes materials not held elsewhere. Once digitized, these sources are available to everyone, worldwide through the UF Digital Collections, Digital Library of the Caribbean, and through partners who locally host materials. Expressions of interest from institutions with Cuban materials – whether original or digital, broad or specialized – are welcomed: please contact us to discuss contributing.
      • Specific partnerships: for the Map Digital Collection, UF and BNJM are collaborating with the University of Miami Libraries, Library of Congress, HistoryMiami, and the University of Kentucky.
    • New Publications:
      • Through the LibraryPress@UF, the Smathers Libraries are bringing new works about Cuba to life, and bringing former works back to life, as reborn digital works.
  • Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) and partner program information
    • Copyright for international partners
    • dLOC as Data
    • Caribbean OER
  • Learning Communities: