Publishing & Repository Support

The Digital Partnerships & Strategies team is committed to the preservation of past research as well as the creation of new projects in digital scholarship and publishing. We can help you explore publishing and preservation options for your work, through publishing platforms and repository options. Please email questions and ideas to Chelsea Johnston, Scholarly Publishing and Repository Librarian, at

Publishing Services

Digital Partnerships & Strategies is proud to offer a variety of publishing services, primarily in support of open access and digital publishing. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Identification of best platforms/tools
  • Facilitation with technical experts
  • Copyright permission templates and clearance
  • Accessibility review
  • Basic graphic design
  • Facilitation of peer review
  • Marketing and cataloging
  • Reporting of usage metrics
  • Preservation planning and implementation

We appreciate that every project is different, and some may require a customized approach to publication. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what support may be available for your work.

Open Access Journals

The George A. Smathers Libraries support over 17 open access journals publishing on Florida Online Journals (Florida OJ). Some journals use Florida OJ for online access to their archives, while others use Florida OJ for publication of current issues (including submission and peer review).

Available support services for our journal publishing partners include:

  • Editorial workflow consultation
  • Usage statistics
  • Recommended language for editorial policies
  • DOI registration
  • Customized designs for website banners and logos
  • Technical support
  • Training
  • And more!

For more information, please visit our Publishing with Florida OJ LibGuide. If you are interested in starting a new journal, please fill out our consultation form.

Conference Proceedings

Annual conference proceedings with connection to or a sponsor from the University of Florida are eligible for publication in Florida OJ. For one-time conference proceedings, we are happy to guide you through other options, such as uploading a PDF for preservation to the IR@UF or publishing a book of formal proceedings through Pressbooks.

Open Access Monographs

The LibraryPress@UF publishes born-digital scholarship, journals, conference proceedings, works in special formats or limited editions (e.g., artists’ books), works that amplify the impact of the Libraries’ collections, and community- or partner-driven scholarship and public humanities outputs. For more information about open access monograph publishing, please visit the LibraryPress@UF website. Have a project in mind? Please submit a proposal.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The Libraries can help sort through your publishing options for your ETD and explain how your work is preserved through the IR@UF. For more information on publishing your ETD, please see Additional Publishing Options for ETDs. For subject-specific questions, consult your advisor or department. For general ETD-related questions, consult the Graduate School Editorial Office.

Repository Services

Repositories can offer stable methods of preservation as well as dynamic tools for research and scholarly communication, depending on what a user needs. There are a number of scholarly repository options available. When choosing a repository for your research, think about the following:

  • Technical Specs
    • Are there size limits?
    • What types of materials can be uploaded?
  • Cost
    • Are there charges to use the repository?
  • Discoverability
    • Are there options for access (open, closed, restricted)? What is required for your project?
    • How easy is it to find items in the repository?
    • How about outside the repository?
  • Other Considerations
    • Is a persistent identifier (like a DOI) needed for your materials? Is that service offered?
    • Is your project collaborative? Will others need to upload files or add notes to the collection?
    • Is deposit with a specific repository required (e.g., as a condition of a grant or award)?

The Institutional Repository at the University of Florida (IR@UF)

The Institutional Repository at the University of Florida (IR@UF) brings together the scholarly, research, and creative works of our academic community. In addition to offering a central collection location for materials, the IR@UF provides long-term preservation, enables worldwide dissemination, and encourages the development of new projects and partnerships. All scholarly works – including articles (pre-prints, post-prints, or published articles as permitted by the publishing agreement), books, book chapters, conference presentations, data sets, digital research files, and more – are welcome in the IR@UF.

All UF faculty have automatic permissions to submit items to the IR@UF. Students and staff may need additional account permission to submit. Please contact Chelsea Johnston with questions.

General Repositories

General repositories can be helpful for researchers looking to collaborate among institutions, or who want to maintain their scholarship independently (and without an institutional affiliation). Some options include Zenodo, Dryad, Figshare, and Humanities Commons.

Subject-Specific Repositories

Subject-specific repositories are an option if you want your work to be discoverable by a particular discipline. The Registry of Research Data Repositories is a great resource to explore options. You may also want to ask for recommendations from other researchers in your discipline, or check with your subject-specialist librarian.